Earth worm castings

  •  Description –

    • Pure Earthworm Castings enhanced with kelp meal.

    • Primary Uses:

      • To enrich garden soil

      • To add abundant, essential plant nutrients when planting in the ground or in containers.

      • To increase beneficial microbial activity in garden soil.

      • To improve soil texture

      • Reduce odors

      • A primary ingredient to make compost “Tea”

    • Customer Benefits:

      • 100% Natural and organic. No chemicals or synthetics. Non-toxic. Completely safe for people, pets and the environment.

      • Effective on almost any plant-tress, shrubs, flowers, grass, vines vegetables and more.

      • Odorless. Great for indoor use.

      • Improves soil texuture

      • Improves disease and pest resistance in plants.

        • Available Size:

          • 20 qt

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