Potting soil

Gardner & Bloome

  • Description –

    • Organic, long lasting ingredients including chicken manure, peat moss, worm castings and kelp meal.

    • Perfectly balanced with essential plant nutrients and special water-saving formula features for excellent growth.

    • Ideal for indoors and outdoor potting, container planting, raised bed applications, and an excellent addition to existing garden soil.

      • Available size

        • 2.0 Cubic feet

Potting Soil


  • Description –

    • For indoor and outdoor container planting

    • Kellogg Potting soil consists of only the finest ingredients to ensure all your potted plants grow beautifully. Composed forest products hold moisture and nutrients; Perlite increases aeration and drainage. Helps promote fast growth and long plant life for both indoors and out.

      • Ready to use – no mixing needed.

      • Ideal for all potting or repotting, indoors and out.

      • Available in new, easy to store and stack compressed.

      • Weed and pest free

      • Does not contain steer manure or green waste.

      • Absorbs water quickly and thoroughly

      • 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

        • Available Size:

          • 1.0 Cubic feet 

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