Bare Root Veggies and Berries 

Cynara scolymus

Improved Green Globe Artichoke

Popular vegetable. Perennial crop with yield over a long period of time. Fall or spring depending upon location. Grown from seed. Mature height: 3-4’ with a 5-6 foot diameter. 

Armoracia rusticana


Edible in small amounts only. TOXIC if eaten in large amounts. Grows best in rich, moist soils. Tolerates colder regions. Can survive in a wide range of soils and climates. Plant in late winter or early spring. Roots may be dug in water or spring. Self replenishing if some roots are left in soil.  Mature height: 3-5’

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Asparagus officinalis


Plants make take up to 2-3 years to come into full production. Can bear for 10-15 years. Harvest March to June. Mature height is 4-5’ x 1-3’

Rheum rhabarbarum

Victoria Cherry Rhubarb

Very popular for pies, sauces and canning. Tart flavored. Succulent, perennial plant. Vigorous, red, heavy, thick stalks. Grows well in all climates but prefers cool seasons. Plant root divisions in 5 foot rows, 3’ apart in well drained soil. Mature height: 2-3” in well drained soil. Eat stalks only, leaves are TOXIC. 

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Bare Root Veggies

Rubus idaeus var. strigosus

Fall Gold Raspberry

Yellow everbearing variety. Sweet, large, juicy and firm berries. Vigorous grower. Great winter hardiness. Ripens: July and September in warmer areas. Late spring and July-August right up to a hard frost in colder climates. 

Rubus idaeus var. strigosus

Willamette Red Raspberry

Large berry. Dark red, medium acid. Heavy producer. Excellent for shipping. Old standard and once most widely planted. Ripens: June. Mature height: 3-8’ x 4-8’

Rubus laciniatus

Black satin thronless blackberry

Medium to large blackberry. Honey sweet flavor. Heavy yielding, semi-erect and thronless. Improved quality and hardiness. Vigorous grower. Rarely suckers, disease resistant. Ripens: July

Rubus ursinus

Thronless Boysenberry

Medium, reddish-black berry. A less vigorous grower with lower fruit yields compared to regular boysenberry. Good for mild winter areas. Ripens : June. Hardy to 10F.

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Bare Root Berries