Acid Planting Mix

Gardener & Bloome

  • Description -

    • All-purpose, all natural, all organic garden soil that contains long-lasting ingredients, including chicken manure, bat guano, worm castings and kelp meal.

    • Improves soil drainage, increases moisture retention and loosens hard clay soils.

    • Suitable for seed, top-dressing for new or existing lawns, bare-root or new planting, soil amending and multching.

      • Available size

        • 2.0 Cubic feet

Harvest Supreme

Gardner & Bloome

  • Description –

    • Organic, long lasting ingredients including chicken manure, bat guano and kelp meal make an excellent fortified natural soil amendment for all vegetables and flower gardens.

    • Helps break up clay soils and improves soil drainage.

    • Formulated to provide abundant plant nutrients. Improves physical soil structure and helps balance pH when mixed with existing garden soil

      • Available Size

        • 2.0 Cubic feet

Soil Building Compost

Gardner and Bloome

  • Description –

    • Helps break up clay soils, improves drainage, promotes healthy root growth and adds valuable micro-nutrients in the soil.

    • A premium, all-purpose natural planting and garden soil amendment. Contains all-organic, long-lasting ingredients including chicken manure, bat guano and kelp meal.

    • Suitable for:

      • Seed top-dressing for new or existing lawns

      • Bare-root planting

      • Mulching

        • Available size

          • 3.0 Cubic feet

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